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New: Seniors with Skills Training Course

Recently Seniors with Skills has unveiled a training module course that will provide aspiring volunteers the opportunity and ability to get proper training prior to building a relationship with an individual in retirement homes. Through this program, anyone wanting to help and converse with others is granted the information necessary to initiate conversation, especially important during these difficult circumstances in which direct socialization is hindered due to the coronavirus.

The training module provides information for anyone to learn online, thus making it necessary for face-to-face training, which is unavailable in the current situation. Anyone all over North America thus has the ability to join Seniors with Skills, which has led to chapters all across the continent to express interest and participate in the non-profit by initiating the desire to work with others and give back to the community.

The training module overall provides a backstory as to what volunteering is like, the programs and activities available to participate in, the steps necessary to be approved for volunteering, and stresses the value in building a relationship with others while keeping in mind the safety of all those involved, especially for the mental, emotional, and physical health of those residing in retirement homes.

Through the facilitation of building relationships provided by Seniors with Skills, the non-profit has successfully been able to provide the ability for people throughout both the United States and Canada to provide assistance in retirement homes, and the training modules have served as a valuable resource in training every volunteer in successfully participating in the program. If you are interested in volunteering yourself, you may view the link at

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