SWS Team Testimonials


Hey everyone, I’m Anahat! I am 19 years old and attending the University of Alberta for Sciences. In Seniors with Skills I am apart of volunteer engagement, contacting nursing homes, and the online buddy program! I love playing badminton and have been volunteering with seniors for the past 3 years. I've loved talking to seniors and want to work hard to end their social isolation!


Hey guys, I’m Ashwin! I’m a second year Medical Sciences student at The University of Western Ontario! I am a part of the fundraising team, helping to expand into new nursing homes, and helping SWS become recognized through various media sources. I joined Seniors with Skills because their mission values really resonated with me and I deeply wanted to help out in my community while being isolated at home. I’ve recently been dabbling in poetry, and in my free time I have been reading and listening to music. If I’m not doing that I love playing with my dog!


Hello! I'm Arlette and I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in science at Queen's University in Kingston, ON. I decided to join SWS because, if it weren't for COVID, I would still be an active member in my community working at the hospital and volunteering with seniors. I thought SWS would be a great use of my time and so far, it's been an excellent initiative to be a part of! A fun fact about me is I’ve done a standup comedy show before!


Hi! I’m Hazel and I am currently a student at McMaster University. I am currently hosting a fundraiser to help us expand the program. I joined Seniors With Skills recently because especially at this time due to COVID19, they are a vulnerable population that need the most attention. During my free time these days, I love to go outside for walks for fresh air and I have also been taking Zoom yoga classes! I am 100% a nature lover! I have been to places across Canada, United States, India and Dubai. Fun fact, Germany was supposed to be added to the list this April 2020 but my flight was cancelled!