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Privacy Policy

Safety and Security

Seniors With Skills does not share personal information from our members and viewers. We only have access to personal information that is shared to us through the website and Seniors With Skills takes serious precautions when handling this information. Only members of our board of directors  able to access email addresses, phone number, home address and other private information. We are the owner of any information displayed on our site. 

Terms of Service

Seniors With Skills provides service to seniors through presentations and education as well as online services. We also serve as a platform for other small senior-related initiatives for young adults. 

1) If you choose to add to our blog or post comments, you are entirely responsible for the content of this information.

2) If you choose to fill in the Online Match Form, you voluntarily give Seniors With Skills the right to use this information in order to complete the match. Information on this form includes Name, Home Address, Email address, interests, and potentially resume/cover letter. If you voluntarily provide your email address for monthly updates, you give Seniors With Skills the right to send you a monthly newsletter. If you use the Contact Us section with your email, you give Seniors With Skills the right to use this information to respond to your inquiry. 

3) We are not responsible for any content posted about us on other websites as we are not able to review every website Seniors With Skills is linked to. 

4) Website viewers are responsible for protecting themselves from any computer viruses.

5)) Any content posted on this website belongs to Seniors With Skills. Please respect our copyright. 

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