We are currently running a new online technology program called “SWS Online Buddy Program” to connect seniors who are currently self-quarantining either in retirement homes or at home with Seniors With Skills volunteers. Given the COVID-19 crisis has led to further isolation of senior citizens, Seniors With Skills wants to do everything we can to help seniors remain socially active during this unprecedented time. During the online volunteering sessions, Seniors With Skills volunteers will hold conversations with seniors and talk to them about current events, university life, funny stories etc. Given many of our volunteers have experience running the Computer Training Program, they can also assist seniors with learning how to use iPads, tablets, computers, phones and other technology devices.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form:

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What she thinks >

" I am very happy to not only be here, but to have my chat friends..."

Our wonderful volunteers take some time to describe the Online Buddy Program and how their volunteer experience has been so far! 

The Video Submission Program

The video submission program was created as an extension of the Online Buddy Program to accommodate for seniors in nursing homes without the ability to participate in live calls with our volunteers. Volunteers in the video submission program work to create engaging videos for the seniors to watch. Below are two videos providing more information about this program! To sign up, please let us know after you have attended the online buddy program training!

A video compilation of some of the amazing videos that our volunteers have made for the seniors!

Some more of our volunteers take some time to describe the Video Submission Program and how their volunteer experience has been! 

The Fundraising Program

We have hosted several fundraisers including Facebook fundraisers, a bake sale and another social media Venmo Board fundraiser. Altogether, the Facebook fundraisers and the bake sale raised ~$3000. This money has allowed us to expand the online buddy program and cover the cost of technology and shipping. We are hosting the Venmo board fundraiser for the month of July! The fundraising team is still looking for more volunteers to join!

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Facebook Fundraiser

1510$ raised

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Venmo Board Fundraiser

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Venmo Board Fundraiser

What is the Online Buddy Program?

The purpose of this program is to connect volunteers like you with seniors in nursing homes who would love some company and someone to talk to! Seniors With Skills created this program to encourage seniors to be social active during this isolating time. Volunteers will call the seniors via Zoom and will hold conversations with them.

What kind of training is needed to begin the program?

You will be emailed with a form to choose a training session to attention. You only have to attend one, and it will be through Zoom. During the meeting, a member of the Seniors with Skills administrative team will talk you through the forms that you have to complete, including a Seniors With Skills Training Certificate, a photo consent form, a waiver from us for this program, and a certificate after completing an online Harassment training course.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up below.

Make sure you put down exactly which times you are available so that we can match you with a senior at a time that Is convenient for you.

I want to know more!

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