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Computer lessons program


What is the Computer Lessons Program?

  • Seniors with Skills helps residents at specific retirement residents learn specific skills such as computer lessons and art lessons.

  • Volunteers lead the sessions on a weekly or biweekly basics.

How do seniors benefit from the Computer Lessons Program?

  • This program gives another opportunity for our volunteers and seniors to interact!

  • Seniors are introduced to computers and learn to use computers on a personal basis.

  • Seniors learn to use applications such as Skype, online newspapers, Youtube and various social media platforms. 


Nam Tran Nguyen

Chief Publicist

Within the small 40 minute long visit to pass holiday cards to the elderly, I was able to gain insight into different worlds and lives, as the residents talked lovingly of their family, counting off every child and grandchild with reminiscence and memories many others would not have the opportunity to learn about. Being so young, I am not able to relate to having decades of unique memories and experience to recount to others. However, by being the listener to people who may not have many outlets or modes of expression, I felt blessed to have been able to make their day, as I could feel the love and happiness the elderly patients felt when they knew they also mattered as well, and always would. Just as I love my grandparents and being able to spend time with them, I love being able to spend time with others who often feel joy just from being able to talk someone. Seniors with Skills is an organization that has facilitated interactions with a group of people who can often be overlooked, and I am happy to be part of a group that promotes inclusion of everyone regardless of age and believes that anyone of any age is deserving of love and opportunities.

I want to know more!
Contact us if you are interested in joining the research team or if you have any ideas:
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