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Cards and Knitting Program

Our most popular program is the Cards and Knitting Program. Seniors With Skills sends volunteers to retirement residences where they can make cards and knitted items (caps, blankets) with seniors for hospital patients. This idea has had much success so far, and volunteers are responsible for introducing the program into retirement residences in their area. This includes delivering a presentation about how the donation process works, speaking to the life and programs director as well as donating items to a local hospital. This allows seniors to be involved in the community and our volunteers always brighten their day! 

SWS Online Buddy Program (in response to COVID-19)

Hey everyone! We have an announcement about an online volunteering program that is starting with seniors at retirement homes.

We are currently starting a new online technology program called “SWS Online Buddy Program” to connect seniors who are currently self-quarantining either in retirement homes or at home with Seniors With Skills volunteers. Given the COVID-19 crisis has led to further isolation of senior citizens, Seniors With Skills wants to do everything we can to help seniors remain socially active during this unprecedented time. During the online volunteering sessions, Seniors With Skills volunteers will hold conversations with seniors and talk to them about current events, university life, funny stories etc. Given many of our volunteers have experience running the Computer Training Program, they can also assist seniors with learning how to use iPads, tablets, computers, phones and other technology devices.

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Computer Lessons Program

Seniors With Skills also helps residents at specific retirement residents learn specific skills such as computer lessons and art lessons. We send a volunteers to retirement residences on a weekly or biweekly basis where they can teach seniors how to learn computers on a personal basis. Skype, Social media, news, youtube are some examples of platforms our volunteers teach seniors about!

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Email: volunteering@seniorswithskills.org

Phone: 289-276-3857

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