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Thank you so much for stumbling across  Seniors With Skills, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to ending social isolation of senior citizens. My name is Jaya Manjunath and I am the founder of this nonprofit. For the past 8  years, I have volunteered at a number of different retirement residences both in the US and Canada. I have always been drawn to starting small initiatives in retirement residences; when I was 16 years old I started a pilot program called ‘Computers for Seniors’ where I canvassed local computer companies for donations. Surprisingly, I was able to retrieve computers and set it up at  small retirement residences in North York. I helped some residents apply to part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities and some of them were successful which brought the biggest smile to my face.  Now I am bringing my high school pilot project to life! 

The mission of Seniors With Skills is to end social isolation of seniors on an international scale. Believe it or not, social isolation has the same effect on lifespan as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and it is directly correlated with dementia and falls. The simple act of volunteering at a retirement home and interacting with seniors helps end social isolation. Seniors With Skills has developed 3 main volunteer  programs (The Online Buddy Program, The Cards and Knitting Program and The Computer Training Program) to combat social isolation.  After seeing the  positive impact this community engagement has had on seniors, I  am determined to reach as    many seniors as possible. If you share the same interest as me please check out the volunteer page; we could always use more volunteers! 


Jaya Manjunath

Founder and Executive Director, Seniors with Skills


Photo of founder, Jaya Manjunah completing a crossword puzzle at Lansing Retirement

Picture of me running the daily crossword puzzle at Lansing Retirement!

Letter from the Founder

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