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Why join us?

Seniors With Skills is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our mission is to create a movement to end social isolation of seniors Internationally. The organization started 5 years ago with our two main programs. Wanting to encourage seniors to get involved from the retirement residence, we started the "Cards and Knitting Program" where volunteers show seniors how to make cards and knit caps and blankets for pediatric hospital and hospice patients. Without stepping out of the residence, seniors can now make an impactful change in the lives of many hospital patients. Our second program is a “Computer Training Program” where we help seniors learn how to use technology to connect with their family and friends. While the organization originally started as a small group in Olean New York, there are currently over 100 Seniors With Skills volunteers Canada and the United States. These seniors we have impacted are no longer in retirement residences waiting to be entertained; they have become active while improving their cognitive function and overall quality of life. We match our volunteers using a free online application system where we find volunteers local retirement residences and provide them with the resources necessary to start one of our programs. Currently, during COVID-19 we have implemented our Online Buddy Program, to virtually connect volunteers with seniors to combat the severe isolation experienced during this time. This is a unique program aimed at continuing our mission even during these unprecedented times.


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