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Seniors With Skills improves the overall quality of life of seniors through social engagement.

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Contact: volunteering@seniorswithskills.org


Welcome to our online volunteer Matching Form for the Cards and Knitting Program and Computer Skills Program! If you would like to volunteer with Seniors With Skills, we are more than happy to match you with an organization close to you (Canada and US). To fully understand how the matching process works, please check out our "How we match volunteers" page at https://www.seniorswithskills.org/how-we-match-volunteers


For more info about our programs check out: https://www.seniorswithskills.org/what-we-do

Once you start volunteering as a SWS volunteer, we can provide you with a certificate of completion with your hours for your service. We will be contacting you through email, so please be sure to check your email regularly!