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Welcome to Seniors with Skills' most popular program!


What is the Cards and Knitting Program?

  • Seniors with Skills volunteers introduce the program at their local retirement homes.

  • Volunteers and seniors make cards and knitted items (caps, blankets) for hospital patients.

How do seniors benefit from the Cards and Knitting Program?

  • The interaction with volunteers always brightens the seniors' day, especially when knitting or playing cards together!

  • Seniors are given a chance to get involved in the community.

  • Seniors gain more insight on the donation process to local hospitals through presentations conducted by our volunteers


Ariana Walji

Volunteer at Viva Mississauga

I’ve had an incredible experience leading a Crafts for a Cause program over the past 6 months at Viva Retirement Community in Mississauga. The seniors have really enjoyed the opportunity to use their passion for arts and crafts to benefit others in the community and have been working hard to create wellness cards and beautiful knitted items for those in need. One of our knitters makes crotchet teddy bears and inspired others to make them as well. We accumulated over 50 bears within the first few months and I was able to take them into the Ronald McDonald House Charity for the holidays. It brings a smile to my face knowing that this program has become such a success and has helped bring light to the lives of those who are less fortunate or are suffering from illnesses. The Seniors with Skills organization truly recognizes the importance of strengthening our community, which is why I am so glad to be a part of the initiative. I am excited to see what other great things we accomplish for this new year.

Yandy Zuo

Volunteer at King Gardens

Volunteering with Seniors With Skills has been an eye-opening experience. I’m able to combine one of my passions (cardmaking) with another (teaching) while helping seniors engage with their local community. What more could I ask for? It’s easy to volunteer and super flexible. The recreation director at the retirement centre will try their best to accommodate your schedule and availability. If I can volunteer while running my own business, Thoughtfully Handmade while going to university full-time, you can do it too!

I want to know more!
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