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Summertime Kindness: Fundraising Initiatives

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Over the course of the summer, the Fundraising Team had launched three different fundraising initiatives. As of now, we have raised approximately $3000. This money allowed us to expand our online buddy program as we were able to buy and ship technology to nursing homes which lacked technology.

Our first fundraiser used Facebook as a method to spread awareness. In total, 47 donors contributed to the Facebook fundraisers and helped us raise approximately $1900. After the Facebook fundraisers ended, a post-fundraiser survey was distributed, and 30 donors responded. The survey revealed that 86.7% either agreed or strongly agreed that their donations help non-profit organizations with their goals. When assessing their deeply rooted motivations behind donating to Seniors with Skills, many factors influenced donors. Foremost, 93.3% believed that their input would help the organization expand the online buddy program. Secondly, 90% believed that it is their moral responsibility to help seniors. Lastly, 96.7% believed that senior isolation is a serious concern that must be prevented.

Furthermore, the survey also asked the donors what kindness means to them. There were two common themes that persisted in responding to this question. The first theme embodied the idea of human dignity. Donors believed it was important to help others and treat them the way they would want to be treated. One response analyzed the word kindness and pointed out the word “kin” in kindness; this could also mean to treat others the way you would treat you own family, for instance, your grandparents. The second theme was being non-judgmental and empathetic. The donors believed it is always important to put yourselves in the shoes of others.

Another bake sale fundraiser was hosted by Anne Mason Moore, a member of our Fundraising team. She sold various flavors of muffins including blueberry, peach with brown sugar crumble and oatmeal banana chocolate chip. When Anne described her motivation to help fundraise, she said, “The retirement home I previously volunteered at is struggling with several COVID19 cases. There are no visitors allowed and there are few zoom calls being made. When I heard about the SWS Online Buddy Program, I was excited to help out. I decided to sell homemade muffins and give the profits to Seniors with Skills to purchase technology… I hope to continue to find ways to help seniors stay positive during these critical times”. Also, she described the word kindness in the same way as other donors described it; Anne said, “I think kindness means putting others before yourself. This can also mean treating others as you would like to be treated”. Anne’s hard work and efforts have raised approximately $1100!

For the month of July, our Fundraising team has initiated our second social media Venmo Board Fundraiser. The aim of this fundraiser is for every member to participate and post the board on their Instagram or Snapchat story, with the challenge of filling the board completely! Our team is not only fundraising, but at the same time is also fostering kindness, raising awareness, spreading love and making a positive impact. If you are interested in volunteering, the Fundraising Team would love to have you! Please let us know if you want to volunteer and be involved with the SWS fundraising chapter.

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