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Seniors With Skills computer donation project

This week, Seniors With Skills set up a refurbished Lenovo desktop computer at The Teddington Retirement Residence (thanks to a kind donation!). Residents are very eager to start Seniors With Skills Tech lessons!

Seniors With Skills set up a new computer at Teddington Retirement!
Take a look at Teddington's new computer! We set it up today!

For the past month, Seniors With Skills has been running as a service organization made up of young and committed volunteers. One of our goals has been to improve the lives of seniors through technology! While some retirement residences in Toronto have computer labs, there are also some residences we have visited that have no computers! Thanks to a kind donation, we were able to set up a Lenovo desktop at The Teddington Retirement Residence in Toronto. We actually had many residents come and watch us set it up; they were so excited to see us! The Director of Recreation and Activity has asked us to come in once a week for Seniors With Skills Tech lessons to assist residents with using google, email, facebook and other social media forms. One of our new volunteers has kindly offered to come in 1-2 times every week to teach seniors. We are very grateful for this new opportunity to expand our organization so we can help as many seniors as possible!

Our computer before we set it up!
Computer before we set it up!

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